Hawkeye Sports Nutrition - The University of Iowa

Sports Nutrition Mission & Pillars of Education

Mission Statement

To empower, educate, and enhance the student athlete (SA) experience at the University of Iowa, for performance, overall health to live well-fueled, positive lives, so that our athletes can be thriving, influential people of the community.

Fuel: University of Iowa we strive to provide resources through fuel stations and education to ensure our student athletes have the resources they need to better fuel and meet their training needs.

Focus:  At University of Iowa we not only want our student athletes to fuel themselves, but also know what they put into their bodies to best meet their performance goals through nutrient timing, adequate fuel, and quality fuel.

Perform:  We want our student athletes at the University of Iowa to utilize their fuel to maximize their performance and have the knowledge to fuel not only on the field, but off the field as well.

Pillars of Education

  1. Athletes’ Plates: teaching the basic sports nutrition principles using these plates as models to teach how your plates should look to fuel your performance based on your activity level.
  2. Pre/ Re Fuel: Providing the energy and recovery education the SA will need to get them through their practice or game with the best endurance possible.  Also, explaining the importance of rebuilding muscle for optimal performance, recovery, and healing.
  3. Hydration: Using visual props to explain what hydration should look like all the time and its importance for injury prevention, concentration, energy, and more readily facilitating use of nutrients.
  4. Food First: Addressing the supplement world with periodic education sessions on the latest NCAA supplement rules and guidelines.  Creating an open door policy to create trust and provide information about all the risks of supplements and ways to look for the least risky options.  Making a point that food should always be first and that is what the body uses best to fuel performance.
  5. Power of Healing: Importance of healing to decrease recovery time, prevent illness, and stay strong.  Educate about foods that help to decrease inflammation, what vitamins/ minerals they provide, how that influences their performance, prevent illness, and which foods have the strongest antioxidant effects.